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Cyber Security Resources


Cyber security has recently become one of the most important issues facing our industry today. Each year more companies within the global supply chain have become victims of these malicious attacks. These attacks disrupt the movement of goods throughout the world and can affect your business even if your company isn’t directly attacked. Cyber terrorism is a threat to the very existence of your business. 

Most companies are ill-equipped to deal with cyber threats. The Airforwarders Association is doing its part to help educate the global supply chain. Our goal is to provide resources and educational material in the hope your company can be better prepared to defend your business against this ever-growing threat.

Should your company be attacked, how well you are prepared to respond will determine the future of your business.

Please review the material provided here and let us know how we can better assist you.

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Thank you for visiting our new Cyber Security web pages. The more we add to this site, the more valuable it becomes for our members and our industry. We welcome your suggestions, questions and additions.

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What We Do

As the premier trade association for the forwarder and logistics industry, AfA members range from small businesses employing fewer than 20 people to large companies with well over 1,000 employees.  

By being a member we protect your business, we offer your company the opportunity to network with industry colleagues at employees and dedicated contractors. As a member of you will increase your knowledge of industry standards, practices and ongoing developments.


We are working proactively with cargo airlines, federal regulatory agencies, other interested stakeholders and members of Congress to promote cargo operations with airlines and to influence impending regulations.

Networking Events

The Airforwarders Association takes great pride in understanding and actively communicating with airfreight forwarders throughout the United States, and one of our core goals is to provide opportunities for our members to engage with peers in the community. 


AfA is pleased and proud to bring a new training option to its members.  Teaming up with GISTnet, a preeminent provider of on-line training for airfreight professionals, AfA is now offering a full spectrum of training courses, over 100 in all.