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Technology Providers

Welcome to the Featured AfA Technology Provider Marketplace!

The AFA Technology Providers was created as a resource to our members. The ever expanding use of automation in all aspects of forwarding, logistics and supply chain management requires a need to identify resources that are available to our industry. It is not intended to recommend any service provider or one service over another but to be used to identify possible vendors that may meet a members specific needs.


This Website contains links to other sites and is only provided as an informational resource for members of the Airforwarders Association.  The Airforwarders Association is not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of the Websites, the products and services offered by the companies featured and encourages you to examine each Website’s privacy policy and disclaimers and make your own decisions regarding the accuracy, reliability correctness of material, and information found as well as the products and services offered.


Crown Data Systems

Crown Data Systems is a premier software provider within the air freight industry, specializing in the First and Last Mile Delivery. Electronically uniting carriers and forwarders for over 20 years—now with electronic signatures in real-time, Crown offers a comprehensive software suite of cutting-edge products created to meet our customers’ growing needs. Our most recent product release, Crown AXIS: Agent Connectivity, was built specifically for the Freight Forwarder. This new tool provides real-time shipment information for every status, every mile, every document, every charge, and every agent. A single EDI or API connection provides our customers with immediate access to more than 450 Crown agents throughout the US., all agents via Crown’s branded agent portal, and any carriers on third-party TMS systems.

Cargo Matrix

CargoMatrix has implemented solutions for logistics service providers for a long time, and our unique view of the relationship of the air cargo industry and technology focuses on simplifying the evolving complexities facing the industry. By using everyday mobile technology to keep you connected with your cargo, our product offering includes a unique messaging – communications networking platform along with full handling capabilities and Milestone tracking ability for providers both large and small. Innovative, creative and scalable, our cost-effective solutions are easy to use and provide full transparency at your fingertips.


SMC³, the creator of CzarLite tariffs, offers execution and visibility technology solutions for the LTL industry.  Whether utilizing our internal API’s for analytical data and transit analysis or connecting directly to carriers through our standardized API’s, we can offer each shipper visibility to status, imaging, dispatch and pricing.  In addition to analytical and visibility API’s, we also offer many tools to help companies achieve success when pursuing LTL business through our bidding tool and our proprietary batch rating product.




CarnetsOnline™ is the online software platform that Roanoke Trade created for logistics service providers to manage their ATA Carnet service. CarnetsOnline™ offers a sophisticated management tool for logistics providers to obtain ATA Carnets 24/7, apply for the ATA Carnet bond and cargo insurance all in the same simple online process. In addition, CarnetsOnline™ offers robust reporting capabilities to monitor and track usage from issuing to cancellation, sales analysis and operation reporting to facilitate the white glove service logistics providers pride themselves on offering their clients.

7L Freight

7LFreight was created with the primary goal of becoming a highly effective and useful rating tool for Freight Forwarders. 7LFreight provides rate management services allowing you to get a rate instantly with your carriers across any mode of transportation. With their stern commitment to providing world class customer service, 7LFreight proudly serves over 160 forwarders with more than 10,000 transportation professionals who rely on 7LFreight daily as their source of rate information. 7LFreight's key solutions include their Rate Management Platform and their Global Flight Schedule tool. More information can be found at


Descartes is the preferred choice of over 90 of the world’s airlines and thousands of international freight forwarders including some of the industry’s largest participants. Our holistic solution for the air cargo industry spans end-to-end back-office shipment management and visibility systems, eAWB enablement, customs compliance, security filings, electronic bookings, status messaging and monitoring, document management, trading partner connectivity, benchmarking, reporting and more.

Supply Vision

To transportation and logistics providers, Supply Vision is the cloud-based, logistics software company that provides easy to use applications delivered by a responsive partner with a North American focus. Supply Vision’s suite of web based products cover the entire supply chain for both domestic and international Transportation Service Providers, 3PL's, Trucking companies and Brokers. Our suite of products includes a Transportation Management System (TMS) integrated with our Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Logistics modules. Your customers and trading partners can access your system through our intelligent web portal giving them Visibility and Execution into their shipments and warehouses.