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AfA Committees

Help Drive AfA's Mission and Vision

Volunteer-led committees are the heart of AfA, playing a crucial role in program development, strategic direction, and fulfilling the mission of the Association. Committees are open to all members in good standing. We need you!

If you are interested in joining one of the Committees, please email the chair of the group.

Airport Congestion Committee

The purpose of the Airport Congestion Committee is to identify challenges and solutions for the air cargo community with regards to drop off and pick up of cargo at ground handlers and airline terminals.

Airport Congestion Committee Chairs: Donna Mullins, Kale Logistics,; and Shawn Richard, SEKO Logistics,

Conference Committee

The purpose of the Conference Committee is to work closely with our Conference co-hosts AEMCA and ACI in determining the proper components necessary to have an informative, educational, enjoyable and financially profitable Conference. Historically, the AfA responsibilities were focused on identifying and securing the Key Note Speaker. Additionally, our Conference Committee will determine the subject matter and speaker for the Women’s event as well as the educational portion/breakout sessions desired by participants based on responses given in the the post-conference surveys. The Committee will conduct periodic conference calls with our co-hosts to ensure progress continues. The Committee will apprise the AfA Board of Directors of this progress during our monthly AfA conference calls.

The next AirCargo conference takes place in Nashville, February 12-14, 2023 For more information, click here.


Conference Committee Chair: Sasha Goodman, Chief Administrative Officer,

Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee is to increase penetration of our contact list with a greater range of contacts at each member company, as well as continued member engagement and additional value for members by giving opportunities to have two-way question based discussions with subject matter experts throughout the year.

This will be achieved through educational webinars that are quick to set up and allow us to be nimble and respond to market needs quickly so that members are getting pertinent information right when it is needed. We intend to liaise with other Committees, in particular the Regulatory and Compliance Committee, to ensure that the expertise on those Committees is being made available to our members in a meaningful way. 

Education Committee Chair: Jennifer Frigger-Latham, EMO-Trans,



Environmental Sustainability Committee

The AfA Environmental Sustainability Committee was formed this year to address the ongoing discussion about the airfreight industry and how it intersects with our environment. At the AfA we recognize that human economies rely on supply chains to function, and we also believe that the industry needs to find ways to limit the negative impacts of our actions.

The best solutions will be those that do not stand sustainability in opposition to well-functioning economies, but rather they integrate principles of sustainability into organic growing economies with well-formed supply chains. We recognize that this conversation has been ongoing for a long time, and as a starting point are eager to see where you, our members, are in thinking about and acting on the need for sustainable processes and technologies.

Environmental Sustainability Committee Chair: Jennifer Frigger-Latham, EMO-Trans,

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee was created to recruit new members in the Association, and is focused on membership retention and experience. The committee provides oversight on member outreach and advises the Board of Directors on dues structure and benefits. 

Membership Committee Chair: Aaron Ambrite, AIT


Regulatory Compliance Committee

The Regulatory Compliance Committee identifies U.S. and other governmental existing and proposed policies, regulations and laws that in any way affect the various businesses conducted by AfA members. The Committee reviews, monitors and analyzes these issues, making recommendations to the AfA Board of Directors who will then, in conjunction with the Committee, develop  AfA's position on the issues. With Board direction, the Committee will communicate the status of regulatory compliance issues to the membership. AfA is working proactively with cargo airlines, federal regulatory agencies, other interested stakeholders and members of Congress to promote cargo operations with airlines and to influence impending regulations. 

Regulatory Compliance Committee Chair: Bob Imbriani, Team Worldwide, 

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee identifies threats and opportunities affecting the air and expedited freight industries. The Committee's current focus is on Cyber Security risks and mitigation and is tasked with the following:

  • Identify existing or potential threats to the industry
  • Share knowledge of known cyber attacks within the logistics industry
  • Create "Best Practice" documents to assist with mitigation and prevention
  • Research training opportunities to better educate our members and industry
  • Develop a list of emergency contacts and suggested procedures in the event of a cyber attack

Technology Committee Chair: Jarrett Williams, Estes Forwarding Worldwide,