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Tools & Services

Tools & Services


Cybersecurity Guide for Small Business
Small Business Guide

Security Vulnerability Management
Open VAS: OpenVAS is a free, open-source vulnerability scanner which can implement pretty much any type of vulnerability test.
KALI: This all-in-one box not only gives you access to OpenVAS, but also provides access to other tools used in security vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. (It’s okay. We all giggle when we read “penetration testing”, too.)

Training & Threat Assessment: The items listed below are critical for prevention and drafting a response plan should your company suffer a cyberattack. Therefore we advise you contact a Cyber Security firm to draft prevention and incident response plans. Each company is unique and will have a different plan designed on requirements.

     Audit Services
     Best Practices
     Employee Training
     Incident Response Plan
     Intrusion Testing
     Vulnerability & Threat Assessment

Security Professional Companies
     Cyber Defenses
     CG Silvers Consulting
     Leo Cyber Security
     HALOCK Security Labs, Jim Mirochnik, Senior Parter, 847-221-0205,
     Crownstrike - Antivirus, Incident Response Services & More
     Mimecast - Email Protection, Security Awareness Training

Technical Membership Organizations

    NOREX, David Kortes, 952-447-8898,

Sample Documents

     Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire
     Incident Response Standard
     Information Security Program Document
     Security Incident Response Plan - NOREX Doc 20-732
     Simulated Phishing Campaigns - NOREX Presentation 20-695
     Vendor Security Assessment - NOREX Doc 20-683

Cyber Chief Magazine -- Data Security & Data Privacy: Finding the Right Path

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We are working proactively with cargo airlines, federal regulatory agencies, other interested stakeholders and members of Congress to promote cargo operations with airlines and to influence impending regulations.

Networking Events

The Airforwarders Association takes great pride in understanding and actively communicating with airfreight forwarders throughout the United States, and one of our core goals is to provide opportunities for our members to engage with peers in the community. 


AfA is pleased and proud to bring a new training option to its members.  Teaming up with GISTnet, a preeminent provider of on-line training for airfreight professionals, AfA is now offering a full spectrum of training courses, over 100 in all.