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COVID-19 Resources

Industry-Related Updates & Resources

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) global pandemic continues to spread and cause disruptions to many Airforwarders Association members and their families. We are working to provide as much information about news and resources available to members to use as we navigate through this challenging situation.

In addition to keeping members informed, AfA is working with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and the White House in asking for financial assistance for our members through possible cash disbursements, payroll tax relief, income tax deferrals and relaxation of government-mandated deadlines. We hope that the resources on this page provide information and guidance to our members during this time of crisis.

We are receiving significant feedback from our members and encourage more so please let us know how the coronavirus situation is affecting your company.  In the meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the situation and report significant developments to you.

AfA urges Washington lawmakers to provide additional financial relief to the freight forwarding community

Airfreight forwarders are essential for getting America back to business

Related Video Message from AfA Executive Director Brandon Fried:









The recently passed CARES Act and its Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a good start, but the Airforwarders Association believes that lawmakers in Washington need to do more to help the freight forwarding community. 

There is a sense that the PPP will soon run out of money, leaving many of our members without the financial help they need. We therefore believe that now is the time for Congress to not only supplement the original funding but add additional provisions that assist freight forwarders and our industry cartage partners as well.

This week, the AfA has been lobbying lawmakers on the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to include our industry in a possible supplemental legislative funding initiative. 

As you may imagine, lawmakers are receiving a significant amount of correspondence and only wish to hear from their constituents now. As a member of the AfA, you can help us by sending a message to your Representative or Senator who may be on one of the Appropriations committees and asking them to include forwarders in the next round of funding. 

To make things easy, we have written a simple, one-page explanation of our talking points and a funding request demonstrating our value not only to the supply chain but as an important part of the recovery ahead.

Download a pdf here.

We appreciate your support and willingness to help tell Washington that forwarders are essential in getting America back to business!



AfA Statement to The White House and U.S. Congress

Executive Director Brandon Fried lays out specific steps to take through legislation, regulation and policy suggestions.

Washington, DC - March 23, 2020

On behalf of the membership of the Airforwarders Association which represents stakeholders across the air cargo supply chain, Executive Director Brandon Fried has provided a list of written suggestions critical to the survival of the air cargo industry. This letter has been delivered the White House, Majority and minority leadership in the House and Senate and the respective Committee chairs and ranking members with jurisdiction over the industry.

The AfA recommends the following:

  • Domestic travel must not be interrupted or suspended and international services must be restored as soon as possible.
  • "Shelter in place" orders by cities and states must not shutter freight forwarders, warehouses and truckers.
  • Financial relief should include access to low-interest loans, working capital and delayed or deferred government-mandated deadlines.
  • Urge airlines to consider scheduled freight-only flight operations to ensure an adequate supply of affordable air cargo for shippers.

In the letter, Fried reminds legislators and the White House, "Our members are freight forwarders who play a vital role in the nation's commerce, moving essential shipments such as medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, fresh food and manufactured goods by air and by truck day and night. We utilize the domestic and foreign passenger airlines and trucking systems as our primary means of transportation."

Financial support is critical because forwarders are primarily a pass-through business with finances, receiving payment from shippers and remitting funds to the asset-owning companies who operate planes, trucks and warehouses.

"While some of our members are large, global companies, most are small to medium sized enterprises, independently owned and operated and in need of the financial support that Congress must act upon immediately. Freight forwarders collect money from shippers and remit to underlying service providers such as airlines, express carriers, truckers, warehouses and other companies within the supply chain. Their position as an industry which passes through the majority of the funds they receive places them in a position of extraordinary exposure to payments which decrease or are not made."

Download the statement here.


Following are the COVID-19 related AfA member AIRMAILS distributed since March 3. If you are not receiving our member AIRMAILS in your inbox, please email Ann Crampton or call AfA headquarters at 202-577-9536.


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